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Origin of the ‘TheDave’ alias

I thought I might share with you the origin of my online alias. It may seem obvious that my real name is indeed Dave (or more correctly, David), which although is what my current alias is based on there is a bit more to it.

First up, I’ll share how my original alias, ‘Da_D_Master’, came about. Essentially, I was at a friends place for an Xbox LAN (yes, I know, lol consoles). Prior to this point I’d only ever played single player games, and as such had never bothered to make an alias for myself. And so, that LAN, ‘Da_D_Master’ was born. The thought process of getting to that name was this: ‘David the master’ – which I thought sounded better replacing ‘the’ with ‘da’ -> ‘David da master’. That was still to long, so I shortened to ‘D da master’, which I thought didn’t sound good so I switched it around a bit until I got ‘Da_D_Master’.

A few years down the track I was at another LAN (this time with the supreme PC’s). At this LAN there happened to be another Dave. For some reason, the others at the LAN started comparing us and referred to me as ‘TheDave’, and the other one as … well lets just say not quite as nice things. I thought the name sounded cool (not to mention some people pronouncing Da_D_Master as daddymaster, or thinking it was related to Dungeons & Dragons), and so I’ve stuck with it ever since only using ‘Da_D_Master’ when ‘TheDave’ is unavailable – because you know, there’s lots of Daves out there, and we’re all rightfully TheDave(s).

Hope you enjoyed.