Main Website ( (previously This is my personal website in which I do what ever I feel like. It serves in part as my blog, but also to do what ever other shenanigans I may desire.

Empire Clicker – A clicking game where all you do is click for the sake of clicking! There is a little more to it, you build up an empire (by clicking). The theme is based off my game Rains of Wrath and the game play is based off cookie clicker.

Password Generator – A website that generates randomised passwords based on specified input. E.g. length and whether to include various characters.

Proxies – A website that lists current working proxies. The list is updated approximately every 30 minutes.

Random Number Generator – A website that generates random integers within a specified range. Users may also chose to generate multiple random numbers at once.

What is my IP (wimi) – A website that tells you your IP address.


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