Gotta Breed Them All: Seedot / Nuzleaf / Shiftry – Best Egg Moves, Ability, Nature and IV spread

Been a while, but here we go, time for Seedot / Nuzleaf /Shiftry. Shiftry has a couple decent builds and as such for the best breeding aiming for 6IV is the best (alternatively, you could aim for 5IV -Sp. Atk for a more standard build if 6IV is too much effort). We pick up ‘Defog’ (this one requires a Pokemon from a previous gen to pass it on) and ‘Nasty Plot’ for our competitive egg moves. For the remaining two egg moves I’ve chosen ‘Foul Play’ for a bit of fun using an opponent’s attack stat against them and ‘Take Down’ if you want to enter it in a Tough Contest.

  • Pokémon: Seedot
  • Nature: Adamant / Jolly
  • Ability: Pickpocket (HA)
  • IV’s: 6IV
  • Egg Moves:
    1. Defog
    2. Nasty Plot
    3. Foul Play
    4. Take Down

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