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Gotta Breed Them All: Squirtle / Wartortle / Blastoise – Best Egg Moves, Ability, Nature and IV spread

  • Pokémon: Squirtle
  • Nature: Bold / Modest
  • Ability: Torrent / Rain Dish (HA)
  • IV’s: 6IV
  • Egg Moves:
    1. Refresh / Fake Out
    2. Aura Sphere (Battle Spot Singles)
    3. Aqua Jet (STAB / Battle Spot Singles)
    4. Water Spout (STAB)

Minecraft Builds – Mansion

In light of recently taking up Minecraft again with some work mates, I thought I might post some pictures of some older builds I’ve done in the past. To start with, here’s some pictures of a mansion I created:

More Minecraft builds to follow.